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Sales and Marketing have changed dramatically over the last 25 years, since the appearance of the internet. Previously, Business Advertising was done by Television, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines, or those massive billboards that were seen on the side of major roads and highways.

There are many benefits to Advertising or Marketing your Business online, specifically that your advertisement reach is so much greater than your local area. Now your ads can be seen nationally, or even internationally.

Marketing has become so much easier as Businesses can now advertise to specific audiences, by creating Custom Audiences which target demographics, location, age, gender, culture, even down to the type of car they drive if necessary.

The majority of Marketers state that Social Media generates immense exposure for their Business, and that’s just one advantage.

It’s plain to see that Social Media Marketing is a key element for success in marketing and many businesses realise the potential to grow their Business using this method. Let’s have a closer look at why you should be promoting your Business online.

1/ Increases your Brand’s exposure.

Social Media does not have to be a costly method of advertising. It is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing strategies used to promote content and increase your Business visibility. By implementing a Social Media strategy, if you are not already, will dramatically increase your brand recognition as you will be attracting a broader audience

2/. Increases inbound traffic to your Pages and Website.

Without Social Media advertising, your Clientele is most likely to be limited to those in your local area only. Without the use of Social Media, as part of your marketing strategy, you will have a lot of difficulties attracting anyone outside your existing Customer circle.

Each Social Media profile you add to your marketing strategy is another avenue to your website, and each time you post content provides another opportunity to attract new Customers.

3/ Increased Search Engine Ranks.

Even though posting on Social Media will increase the traffic to your pages and sites, it does take a little additional effort before you notice significant success. Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important to boosting your page ranking and directing traffic to your business pages and sites. Being able to rank highly in the search engines, with the use of keywords should massively increase your traffic and generate greater results for your Business.

 4/ Increased Leads and Sales.

Once your Online presence becomes more active, your Business will then gain increased opportunities to convert Sales. Each post, Live Video or video, blog or comment can lead potential customers to your company’s pages and website, hence increasing traffic.

Being interactive online by posting statuses, sharing content, or engaging with those commenting, reflects a human presence and brand. People identify better with businesses that reflect a “human” presence, rather than just a company.

5/ Increased Customer Satisfaction.

Social Media is a networking and communication platform. Being visible for your Business through these methods is crucial in humanising your Business. Customers like to know that when they take the time to post comments, they will receive a personalised and informative response rather than an automated message. Acknowledging each comment on your pages indicates that you are attentive and caring of your Customer needs and strive to give the best experience, whether online or in person.

6/ Increased Brand Loyalty.

One of the main goals of any Business is to develop a loyal Customer following. Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty generally go hand in hand, therefore it is important to regularly engage with Customers and develop a rapport with them. Customers actually see these pages as a Support Channel which they can approach and communicate directly with your Business.

7/ Cost-Effective.

Advertising via Social Media is most likely the most cost-effective portion of any marketing strategy. Adding a profile or page is free for almost every Social Networking platform, and if you do decide to invest in a paid promotion, costs are relatively minimal as opposed to Newspapers, Magazines, TV or radio. Being cost-effective therefore provides your Business with a greater return on investment and therefore allows a larger budget for further advertising and expenses.

8/ Reporting or insights.

As with all marketing strategies, being able to review results is crucial. What better method is there than talking with the customer directly. By monitoring the activity on your profiles, (insights, Google analytics etc), you can see their opinions and interests that you may not otherwise be privy to if you did not have social media profiles.

Social Media provides further avenues for research to gain information that will assist in understanding your specific industry or area of investment. Another valuable tool is the ability to segment your content lists based on the title and identify which type of content generate the most impressions. Therefore you can plan your advertising based on the most popular topics.

Becoming a Topic Expert.

The ability to create informative and well-written content on your Social Media is a great way to become an expert in your field. This requires work which is supported by online networking sources. To establish yourself as an expert you need to be present on the Social Media platforms. Be engaging, resourceful, connect with your audience and promote your authority

When your advertising campaign is aligned with other marketing efforts, your presence will be noticed and highlighted, and your Customers/Followers will look up to you. Directly connecting with your audience creates a rapport and relationship that they will value, allowing you to become a popular influencer in your field.

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